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Whole-body Plethysmography System for Rats

Product model:


Detailed introduction:

The whole-body plethysmography (WBP) developed by Tow-Int Tech is capable of measuring respiratory parameters of animals... View details >
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Detailed Introduction

The Whole-body Plethysmograph (WBP) developed by Tow-Int Tech is capable of measuring respiratory parameters of laboratory animals in conscious state and under unrestrained condition, such as respiratory rate, tide volume, Airway Hyperresponsiveness (AHR) test, etc.

Product Description

The Whole-body Plethysmograph (WBP) developed by Tow-Int Tech is capable of measuring respiratory parameters of laboratory animals in conscious state and under unrestrained condition, such as respiratory rate,tide volume, Airway Hyperresponsiveness (AHR) test, etc. WBP avoids the trauma of aerosols tube incision and the effects of anesthesia, making the whole experimental process simpler. It is used to study the reaction of animal models to drugs, the pharmacology and toxicology of respiratory drugs, especially suitable for a large badge animal models for rapid initial screening test, long-term follow-up research and repetitive screening.

Product Features

lNo operation is required and the instrument is easy to use

lMulti-channel simultaneous monitoring

lIt can be used in the study of respiration of animals in the natural state and long-term follow-up experiment, which is suitable for initial screening of drugs

lDrug aerosol atomization module is available

lAutomatic calibration function

lThere are drinking water and food ports for long-term continuous monitoring

lOptional functions are available, for example the measurements of ECG, blood pressure, body temperature, heart rate and other vital signs, which can be combined with implantable telemetry equipment

lEquipped with analysis software, data can be saved in Excel or TXT format

Test Parameters

4-Channel Whole-body Plethysmography System for Mice(图1)


  • Ti: Inspiratory Time (s)

  • Te: Expiratory Time (s)

  • PIF: Peak Inspiratory Flow (ml/s)

  • PEF: Peak Expiratory Flow (ml/s)

  • Volbal:Difference between Inspiratory/Expiratory Volume

  • F:Flowrate (breaths per minute)

  • Vt:Tidal Volumeml

  • Mv:Minute Ventilationml

  • AV:Accumulated Volumeml

  • EF50: Mid-tidal Expiratory Flow

  • EIP:End-inspiratory Pause (Invasive Method)

  • EEP:End-expiatory Pause (Invasive Method)

  • TR: Relax Time

  • PenH:Enhanced Pause

  • Rpef:Ratio of Time to Peak Expiratory Flow


  1. Researches on various respiratory diseases, such as asthma, pulmonary fibrosis, lung injury, ARDS, lung cancer, etc.

  2. Safety pharmacology: the effect of drugs on the respiratory system

  3. Sleep apnea: monitor animal hypopnea, obstructive apnea, etc.

  4. Environmental Toxicology: The impact of environmental pollutants on animal respiration

  5. Inhalation Toxicology: Toxic effects of toxic substances on the respiratory system

  6. High altitude medicine: The influence of high altitude environment on the respiratory system

  7. Other occasions where respiratory parameters need to be evaluated






Whole-body Plethysmography System


4-channel, mice


Whole-body Plethysmography System


4-channel, rats


Whole-body Plethysmography System


4-channel, mice/rats


Whole-body Plethysmography System


8-channel, mice


Whole-body Plethysmography System


8-channel, rats


Whole-body Plethysmography System


8-channel, mice/rats



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Shanghai Central Hospital

Shanghai Ruijin Hospital

Huashan Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University

Shanghai Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences

China Pharmaceutical University

Guangdong Pharmaceutical University

Chongqing Medical University

The Third Peoples Hospital of Chengdu

Beijing University of Chinese Medicine

Institute of Urban Environment, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Nanjing University

West China Hospital, Sichuan University

Suzhou University

Univeristy of TCM

The First Affiliated Hospital of Anhui Medical University

Qingdao Municipal Hospital

Lanzhou University

University of South China

NIngxia Medical University


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