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Animal Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

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Intelligent computer control system, high-sensitivity touch screen operation, one-click to complete the whole process of animal hyperbaric oxygen chamber treatment.... View details >
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Model: PrOx-820V-lite

Name: The third generation animal hyperbaric oxygen chamber 


1. Intelligent computer control system, high-sensitivity touch screen operation, one-click to complete the whole process of animal hyperbaric oxygen chamber treatment.

2. The oxygen chamber body is polished with high-quality, high-thickness, high-pressure high-quality 304 stainless steel, which is beautiful and easy to clean.

3. Using zirconia oxygen concentration sensor and pressure sensor, the oxygen concentration is accurate and reliable. The detection range is wide and the response speed is fast, responding immediately to step changes in percent oxygen concentration within seconds.

4. The door is opened with an absolute protection device manual screw, which can effectively protect the safety of the operator.

6. The oxygen chamber and the base can be transported separately, which is convenient for installation.

7. There is a hair filter device at the gas inlet and outlet, and the pressure can be manually released in an emergency

In recent years, animal hyperbaric oxygen therapy has been more and more clinically applied in the field of veterinary medicine, and many examples have proved its remarkable curative effect in the course of animal treatment.


The purpose of animal hyperbaric oxygen chamber :

1. Quickly correct the hypoxic state of the body. Hyperbaric oxygen can increase blood oxygen content, increase blood oxygen partial pressure, increase physical dissolved oxygen in plasma, and can treat cardiovascular disease, cerebrovascular accident , emphysema , and acute cerebral after cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Dysfunction, CO poisoning and other toxic poisoning.

2. Effectively improve microcirculation, improve blood oxygen diffusion capacity , increase the effective diffusion radius of oxygen, increase the oxygen content and oxygen storage in the tissue, and can treat diseases associated with microcirculation disorders, such as burns, frostbite, crush injuries, Shock etc.

3. Prevention and treatment of various edema Hyperbaric oxygen has a vasoconstrictive effect on blood vessels (except hepatic artery and vertebral artery), so it can reduce vascular permeability, reduce blood vessel and tissue exudation, improve various edema, such as treating cerebral edema and reducing intracranial pressure 30-40%, treat extremity swelling, wound exudation, and reduce fluid loss in patients with extensive burns.

4. Promote the establishment of collateral circulation , increase the permeability of the blood-brain barrier, promote the discharge of harmful gases, and can treat a series of diseases caused by hypoxia, such as myocardial infarction, ischemic encephalopathy, etc.

5. Accelerate the regeneration and repair of tissues, blood vessels and cells , especially ischemic and hypoxic tissues.

6. The ability to inhibit the growth, reproduction and production of toxins of anaerobic bacteria is a special treatment for gas gangrene.

7. Inhibit the growth and reproduction of microorganisms, and have an inhibitory effect on the growth and reproduction of many aerobic bacteria and other microorganisms; increase the efficacy of certain antibiotics and synergistically treat infectious diseases. Enhance the efficacy of radiotherapy and chemotherapy on malignant tumors.


technical parameter:




782 X 670 X 680 mm (length X height X thickness)

Cabin size

Length 682mm * diameterΦ528mm _

total weight

150kg _

Operation screen

10 - inch high-definition smart touch screen

work pressure

1.5 ATA

Oxygen concentration control

21%- 95% (Oxygen up to 60% in 10 minutes)

Temperature display range

0- 50

Humidity display range

0-100 % RH _

CO2 concentration display range


oxygen sensor

High precision zirconia

Oxygen flow

Medical oxygen generator 20L/min


50 Db

operating mode

Manual / Auto

safety protection

Software protection, hardware protection, pressure relief valve

Exhaust filtration

Air inlet and outlet install filter device, filter hair, etc.

power supply


total power

1000W _ _

Healing period

Can be set at will, 0-9999 hours and times


The cabin is made of acrylic, and the base is made of high- quality 304 stainless steel