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Inpatient cage

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Model: HCG-06 Product name: Inpatient cage Features:1. Reasonable cage structure, super pressure bearing, firm and durable.... View details >
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Product name: Inpatient cage 



1. Reasonable cage structure, super pressure bearing, firm and durable.

2. The door lock has a unique sliding design, which is automatically locked and has good safety.

3. The foot pedal grid and the cage door are welded with high frequency and high current, which is firm and not de-soldered.

4. The four sides of the contamination tray are inclined outward, which is not easy to leave dead corners and is convenient for washing.

5. There is a seamless water retaining edge inside, which is more convenient and hygienic to use.

6. The lower cage is designed with a movable drawer, and the drawer can be pulled out into a large cage.

7. The bottom mobile brake wheel, noise reduction , wear resistance, easy to shift and fix.

8. Innovative cage design, exquisite and unique. Arbitrary combination, can be customized on demand.

9. Equipped with oxygen cabin door, 16-bit power interface, oxygen delivery hole position, dry and wet temperature display, and leakage protection.






1220 x 700 x 1570 mm (L*W*H)

Upper cage size

550 x 700 x 610 mm (L*W*H)

Lower cage size

1220 x 700 x 820 mm(L*W*H)



The overall 304 stainless steel material, anti-corrosion, acid-proof and rust-proof, the thickness of the cage material is 1.2mm, the cage door is composed of steel wires with a diameter of 8mm and a diameter of 6mm, and the foot grid is composed of steel wires with a diameter of 10mm and a diameter of 4mm. Thickness 0.8mm. The bottom moving wheel adopts high-strength medical universal brake wheel.