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Pet Infusion Pump

Product model:

Infu 120

Detailed introduction:

Model: Infu 120 Name: pet infusion pump Features:1. Pipeline adaptabilityThanks to the excellent bubble and pressure detection capabilities of the equipment... View details >
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Product Name: Pet Infusion Pump 



1. Pipeline adaptability

Thanks to the excellent bubble and pressure detection capabilities of the equipment, it meets the GB8368 standard, the wall thickness of the infusion tube is between 0.4~0.6mm and the outer diameter is between 3.5~4.5mm. Most of the disposable infusion sets can be used in this infusion pump . use on

2. Fault identification ability

During startup and use, the device continues to self-check relevant features. When the fault may affect the infusion control and detection, the fault alarm will be issued in time to avoid delaying treatment or causing infusion risks.

3. Velocity accuracy

After testing the infusion characteristics of the commonly used infusion sets in the market at different flow rates and working hours, our company compensates the infusion flow rate with a unique software algorithm, which can ensure that the infusion flow rate and flow accuracy are less than 5% within a specific time.

4. Accuracy of blocking pressure detection

This product is designed with dual pressure sensing probes, and the pipeline pressure detection accuracy is less than 10%

5. Battery life

In a fully charged state, infusion at a flow rate of 200mL/h, the device can last for 2.5 hours, which can meet most infusion situations and improve the convenience and flexibility of infusion.




Infu 120


130x130x80 mm (L×H×D)

Total Weight

Less than 1.5kg

Infusion accuracy


Infusion tube specifications

15, 20 drops/ml infusion tube, diameter 3.4-4.5mm

Infusion speed


infusion rate

1~400 drops/min





KVO speed


Bolus speed


Purge speed


Bubble detection

The smallest bubble is 50ul (the third gear is adjustable and the default is the middle gear)

blocking pressure

Low 40kPa, medium 80kPa, high 120kPa (the third gear is adjustable and the default is mid-grade)

waterproof level


AC power

100-240V 50/60Hz

Internal battery

Lithium battery: 7.4V 2100mAh; charging time: 6 hours with power on, 4 hours without power on. Running time: about 2.5 hours (after the new battery is fully charged, it will continue to run the infusion at an ambient temperature of 25°C and a flow rate of 200m/h.)

power consumption


working conditions

Ambient temperature 5℃~40℃ Relative humidity 10-95% (no frost) Atmospheric pressure 86.0kPa~106.0kPa