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Veterinary Ultrasound Diagnostic System

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VSM-S0 Veterinary Ultrasound Diagnostic System technical parameter 1. Display: 5.6-inch LED display;2. Scanning mode: 3.5M mechanical fan sweep;3. Operation interface: Chinese/English interface;... View details >
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VSM-S0 Veterinary Ultrasound Diagnostic System

Technical Parameter

1. Display: 5.6-inch LED display;

2. Scanning mode: 3.5M mechanical fan sweep;

3. Operation interface: Chinese/English interface;

4. Display mode: B, B+B, 4B;

5. Body position markers: ≥17 kinds;

6. Frequency conversion: 2.0MHz, 2.5MHz, 3.5MHz, 4.0MHz, 5.0MHz;

7. Conventional measurement: distance, perimeter, area, volume, angle;

9. Obstetric measurement: Obstetric measurement of 8 animals:

Porcine (GSD, Lean Meat Measurement), Cattle (BD, BPD, CRL, CWM, CWW, TD, UD), Canine (BD, CRL, GS, HD),

Horse (AOD, BPD, CRL, EOD, GS), cat (BD, HD), goat (BPD), camel (BPD), sheep (BPD, CRL, TD, USD);

10. Character display: gain, frequency, dynamics, date, time;

11. Movie playback: ≥256 frames, which can be played back continuously or viewed one by one;

12. Storage: Built-in 8G storage, external U disk storage, you can browse pictures locally, and transfer the built-in pictures to U disk;

13. Gray scale: 256;

14. Dynamic range: 0-135dB;

15. Image processing: γ correction (0-7), frame correlation (0-3), edge enhancement (0-3), left and right flip (0-1), 8 kinds of pseudo-color processing;

16. Display depth: 126-307mm;

17. Interface: USB interface, probe interface, charging interface

18. Display magnification: 16 display modes;

19. Gain range: 0~100dB; Near field adjustment range: -31~0; Far field adjustment range: 0~31;

20. It has winter mode, parameter mode, standby protection, and custom gestational week settings;

21. Battery power indicator, U disk indicator, prompt information display;

22. 2600mAh pluggable, rechargeable and removable lithium-ion battery, imported 18650 standard battery, can work continuously for about 3 hours;

23. Host size: 240x120x45mm (length x width x height);

24. Host weight: 900g;