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Veterinary Biochemistry Analyzer

Product model:

TOW-Pointcare V5

Detailed introduction:

Veterinary Biochemistry Analyzer Model: TOW-Pointcare V5 Specification: 1. Special reagent tray type, the whole process from whole blood sample addition to output result can be completed in 10 minute... View details >
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Product Name: Veterinary Biochemistry Analyzer


1. Special reagent tray type, the whole process from whole blood sample addition to output result can be completed in 10 minutes

2. Built-in real-time automatic quality control system, real-time monitoring of the detection process, accurate data

3. Only 0,1ml anticoagulated whole blood, serum, plasma

4. Obtain 16 biochemical indicators at one time, 8 reagent combinations, and support 33 testing items

5. Temperature control accuracy: 37℃±0.1℃; Chinese and English operation interface, color touch screen

6. Data capacity: 50000 groups,

7. 3G, wifi and data link, RS232 interface, USB2.0 Bluetooth and wireless data network interface, support LIS system

8. Biochemical management platform, thermal printer, or link to HP computer to print A4 paper

9. In addition to dogs and cats, the parameters of animal species can be added according to clinical practice

10. Animal species: 16 species (cats, dogs, rabbits, mice, monkeys, cows, sheep, goats, cows, horses, pigs, elephants, camels, parrots, birds, etc.

11. AC and DC: AC100V-240V 50/60Hz DC24V

12. Temperature: 10-30; Relative Humidity: 40-85%

13. Dimensions & weight: 260 mm (length) × 230 mm (width) × 325 mm (height), about 5.5kg

14. Upgrade management: automatically push software upgrade information, cloud server remote management and maintenance equipment

15. Calibration method: the user does not need to calibrate, the calibration information is built in the QR code of the reagent plate

16. Operation interface: Chinese/English human-computer interface, 8.4-inch capacitive screen

17. Light source system: high-performance maintenance-free xenon lamp, no need to preheat

18. Optical path system: dual wavelength post-split optical path, 9 detection wavelengths

19. Piping system: There is no liquid flow channel pipeline in the main body of the biochemical analyzer, and no cleaning and maintenance are required before and after testing.