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Portable Dental X-ray Machine

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Model: DX30PName: Portable Dental X-ray Machine Features:ultra lightSmall size, weight 1.9KGRadioprotectionThe machine head is wrapped with 0.5 standard lead sheet, airtightConstant lighting technolog... View details >
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Name: Portable Dental X-ray Machine



ultra light

Small size, weight 1.9KG


The machine head is wrapped with 0.5 standard lead sheet, airtight

Constant lighting technology reduces radiation by up to 30% compared to conventional X-ray machines



                              X-ray generator
            X-ray tube

Tube voltage 60kV (fixed)

Typefixed anode
Tube current2mA (fixed)

 X-ray tube focus size     
 0.4mm (T0 SHIBA Toshiba)
High voltage generating circuit High frequency inverter method

Display MethodLCD display
         Time setting range    
  0.01~1.6 seconds

Power supply