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Ultrasonic Tooth Cleaning Machine

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Model: VRN-A86 Product name: Ultrasonic tooth cleaning machine Features1. The product is made of carefully selected materials, with good material and good quality... View details >
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Product name: Ultrasonic Tooth Cleaning Machine



1. The product is made of carefully selected materials, with good material and good quality

2. The handle can be sterilized at high temperature, wireless remote control automatic water supply, imported long-life liquid pump, built-in military machine power tube

3. Only resonance technology, convenient, fast, comfortable and clean teeth

4. When the scaler is working, the resonant frequency of the handle transducer is random, and the host provides a precise driving voltage frequency to track and match the resonant frequency of the handle

5. Under the condition of the same power, the handle and working tip will not generate excess heat as energy loss to ensure the output effect.

6. The internal liquid pipe and foreign trade protection layer are made of high-quality silicone tube, which is wear-resistant and anti-aging. The internal wire is made of high-quality soft leather and multi-copper core wire, which is resistant to breaking

technical parameter

1. Dimensions: length. width. height: 155x155x330mm

2. Working voltage 30VA-47VA,

3. The host outputs Dc30V1.5A,

4. The output half offset force is less than 2N,

5. The tip vibration frequency is 25-31KHz Primary,

6. The main vibration frequency of the tip is less than or equal to 100um,

7. Ultrasonic output power 3W-20W,

8. Foot switch battery 1.5Vx2,

9. Receive signal sensitivity -114Db,

10. Working water pressure 0.01MPa-0.05MPa,

11. Power output AC100-240V, 47-63Hz