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Oxygen Concentrator

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Oxygen Concentrator (5L)Model: JAW-5AW Product parameters: Product numberJAY-5AWFlow (L/min)0~5 (adjustable)Concentration (V/V)93%3%Product Net Weight (KG)19Power (VA)420LCD displayOperating pressure;... View details >
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Product Name:Oxygen Concentrator (5L)


Product number


Flow (L/min)

0~5 (adjustable)

Concentration (V/V)


Product Net Weight (KG)


Power (VA)


LCD display

Operating pressure; Machine temperature; Current time; Accumulated time; Oxygen concentration display;

Outlet pressure (Mpa)


Dimensions (mm)



1. Timed function to inhale oxygen at will

2. Small size, light weight, low noise

3. The 4-layer filtration system makes the oxygen more pure

4. LCD digital intelligent fault monitoring

5. There is an alarm when the oxygen suction pipe of the imported humidification bottle is broken and blocked

JAY Oxygen Concentrator

The overall structure and basic technology of the JAY oxygen generator are consistent with those of domestic and foreign medical molecular sieve oxygen generators. It is mainly composed of: oil-free compressor, molecular sieve adsorption tower, and control valve. It is more complete, and has been tested by the Tianjin Medical Device Quality Supervision and Inspection Center in line with the latest relevant national and industry standards promulgated and implemented .

1)Precise Control

JAY type medical molecular sieve oxygen generator uses the control system designed and manufactured by our company and the solenoid valve with unique technology to adjust and control the operating pressure of the machine to 0.02KG/cm2, and the adjustment accuracy of the pressure equalization time reaches 1% seconds. During the debugging process, the digital debugging parameters (switching pressure, pressure equalization time) are directly displayed, which can effectively improve the debugging level, make the oxygen concentration more stable and reliable, and ensure the long-term stable operation of the machine.

2) Information output

The JAY type medical molecular sieve oxygen generator is equipped with a multi-line liquid crystal display to directly digitally display the main parameters of the machine operation: the temperature display in the machine, the compressor operating pressure display, the current start-up time, the cumulative running time, the timing display , and the real-time display of oxygen concentration. , these functions allow the user to directly observe the running status of the machine, and at the same time, it is convenient to judge the fault state of the machine.

3) Complete safety warning function

JAY type medical molecular sieve oxygen generator is equipped with power-off alarm (sound and light indication), temperature alarm when the temperature inside the machine is too high (sound and light indication and automatic shutdown when >50ºC), pressure alarm when the operating pressure is too high (>0.20MPa) Sound and light indication and automatic shutdown), pressure alarm when the operating pressure is too low (sound and light indication when <0.08MPa), insufficient oxygen concentration alarm when the operation is not normal (LED light indication when <82%).

4) Use the latest humidification bottle

Humidification bottle is the latest product of American SALTER LAB. Company (model: REF-7600). Its safety valve release pressure reaches 6PSI (0.041 MPa), and the general humidification bottle is 3PSI. The patient feels more comfortable receiving oxygen.

Product testing

The company's JAY medical molecular sieve oxygen generator has passed the test of the Tianjin Medical Device Quality Supervision and Inspection Center of the State Food and Drug Administration, and the technical indicators have reached the specified requirements, and the "Inspection Report" (Report No.: 2010-GL) has been issued. -117), the product complies with the relevant currently valid mandatory national standards, industry standards and relevant laws and regulations.

At the same time, it also passed the test of German Rheinland Testing and Certification Service (China) Co., Ltd. according to the European Union (EN60601-1:1990+A1:1993+A2:1995, EN60601-1-2:2007 ) standard and obtained the "CE " certificate.