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Animal Ultrasound Machine

Product model:


Detailed introduction:

Model: SONA 15Name: Animal ultrasound machine Features:1,technical parameter:1. Display: 15-inch LED medical display2. Scanning mode: convex array/linear array/micro-convex... View details >
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Product Name: Animal ultrasound machine 


Technical Parameter

1. Display: 15-inch LED medical display

2. Scanning mode: convex array/linear array/micro-convex

3. Probe interface: 2, dual interface, dual channel

4. Operation interface: Chinese/English interface

5. Display mode: B, B+B, 4B, B+M, M

6. Body position markers: 16 species (pig, horse, cow, sheep, dog, cat)

7. Frequency range: 3.5MHZ: 2.5MHz, 3.5MHz, 4.5MHz, 5.5MHz;

6.5MHz: 5.0MHz, 6.0MHz, 7.0MHz, 8.0MHz;

7.5MHz: 5.5MHz, 6.5MHz, 7.5MHz, 8.5MHz;

Micro-convex 6.0MHz: 5.0MHz, 5.5MHz, 6.0MHz, 6.6MHz;

Harmonic frequency range: 3.5MHZ: 4.0MHz, 4.2MHz, 4.4MHz, 4.6MHz;

6.5MHz: 5.8MHz, 6.0MHz, 6.2MHz, 6.4MHz;

7.5MHz: 6.5MHz, 8.0MHz, 8.4MHz, 9.2MHz;

Micro-convex 6.0MHz: 5.4MHz, 5.7MHz, 6.0MHz, 6.3MHz;

8. Image mirroring: up and down mirroring, left and right mirroring

9. Character display: date, clock, PID, name, gender, age, doctor, hospital, note, histogram (full screen character editing)

10. Movie playback: ≥409 frames, which can be played back continuously or viewed frame by frame

11. Storage: U disk storage body storage two kinds

12. Grayscale: 256

13. Dynamic range: 64-192dB

14. Intelligent TGC control: 8 segments.

15. Preprocessing: variable aperture, dynamic apodization, dynamic digital filtering, etc.

16. Post-processing: frame correlation, line correlation, line density, second harmonic, 7 kinds of pseudo-color processing, etc.

17. Display depth: convex array: 90-250mm; linear array: 40-90mm; cavity: 50-125mm; slightly convex: 70-145

18. Interface: PAL-D video, USB interface

19. Display magnification: 15 display modes; more accurate diagnosis of lesions.

20. Partial discharge: more than 4 times partial discharge, adjustable above level 30.

21. Measurement: Professional measurement packages for distance, perimeter/area, obstetrics, heart, etc.

22. Gain range: 0~98dB

23. Scanning range: 7.5MHz: 79%-100%; 3.5MHz: 46%-60%; 6.0MHz: 56%-90%

24. Host size: 740x520x1210mm (length x width x height);

25. Net weight: 28.9kg; gross weight: 43kg;

26. Appearance size: 85*65*99cm 35*32*31cm (length*width*height)



Optional configuration: 6.5MHz

Electronic microconvex array probe,

7.5MHz high frequency linear array probe;

6.5MHz cavity probe;

3.5MHz convex array probe;

3.5MHz backfat probe (optional deck);

7.5MHz rectal probe;

7.5MHz rectal probe with handle;

5.0MHz micro-convex probe,

Probe interface docking station;

Ultrasound imaging workstation;

Portable trolley