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Shanghai TOW Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd.

  • Introduction

    Shanghai TOW Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. was established in Shanghai SJTU Science and Technology Park in 2018, focuses on R&D and manufacturing of laboratory equipment related to pre-clinical animal and cellular experiments. 

  • Scope of Products

    As a recognized national pioneer in the life science industry, Tow-Int offers a wide range of pre-clinical animal and cellular laboratory equipment and instruments, including:
    1. Animal inhalation and exposure systems,
    2. Respiratory study equipment,
    3. Laboratory animal hyperbaric and hypobaric chamber,
    4. Incubators for cellular study,
    5. Ophthalmic disease animal models,
    6. Metabolic science experimental equipment,
    7. Laboratory animal models,
    8. Various customized products
    9. Equipment rental/free-trial services.

  • Become Our Partners

    TOW-Int Tech is a global provider scientific instruments and veterinary medical devices, specialized in laboratory animal and innovative laboratory equipments and instruments, including animal inhalation and exposure systems, respiratory study equipments, laboratory animal hyperbaric and hypobaric chambers, tri-gas incubators for cellular study, animal disease model, metabolic science experimental equipment, and various customized products and rental services.

    We invite you to become our partner, to broaden your prdouct line and insight your customer’s demands. Please kindly contact us for more information.